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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your current turnaround period?

After order confirmation, please allow up to 28 days for production and delivery. For smooth processing of your order, please contact us for confirmation of lead-time before order finalisation. Lead-times may vary depending on quantity, seasons, availability of raw material and components that are outside of our control. We will notify you in the first instance.

Is there the possibility of getting my order completed earlier than the stated turnaround period?

Production times are approximate, and there have been instance where orders have arrived in well under the suggested 28 days.

What is the minimum quantity for ordering?

The general minimum order quantity is 15 garments per style.

What is the minimum quantity required for a re-order?

Order repeat minimums are based on 6 garments per style.

How do I get a re-order?

Re-orders are super easy. On the back of your jersey in the bottom right hand corner sits a tag with an SA Number on it. That number is unique to your uniform and all you need to do is cite that number to us and we will take care of the rest. For more see the bottom of the Our Process page. 

How do I size up jerseys for my order?

Samples can be provided if necessary for sizing up your team. Or alternatively, use the sizing chart as a guide for selecting sizes.

What is vector artwork?

Vector graphics are high resolution graphics. These graphics differ slightly from what is generally in everyday use on the internet and in print media, and is known as “raster” artwork (example .jpg). The biggest advantage of vector artwork over raster artwork, is that it can be resized to any resolution without the loss of any quality. For more check out artwork requirements here

How do I get my artwork to you?

Artwork – when you are submitting Sponsor Logos, or Team Logos, we need these in vector format, so they can easily be included by our designers in your body of work. Where you cannot supply detailed logos in vector format, some art charges maybe incurred. Contact your Sila Apparel sales representative if you need any further information or assistance.

Fonts – any fonts used in the production of art files should be converted to curves (outlines) prior to submission. If future typesetting will be required, the original font files must be included with the artwork file.

Artwork can be sent to us here at Sila Apparel, see contacts page for details.

Is there any limit to logos for my jersey?

No, design and selection of logos is entirely up to you, there are no limitations.

How do I arrange payment of my order?

Payment terms are strictly full payment on acceptance of orders. All and any banking charges are for the responsibility of the customer.

Are there additional shipping charges on my order?

Not on standard orders. Additional charges may include rush service which includes urgent delivery charges via DHL.

How do I see a final copy of my jersey before I receive it?

Ordering samples is the best way to be sure your order is exactly what you want. Sample charges will apply. Contact us for more information on how to get samples and the costs attached to this.

Are there any extra charges?

Extra charges may be incurred for such things as rush service deliver via DHL, specialty packaging, artwork changes/modifications/unforeseen custom artwork requirements, product upgrades, less than minimum quantity ordered, changes made after authorization and approval of order prior to production (no changes can be made once production has commenced). We will be upfront with you if these costs do arise. As long as there are no changes after payment/order confirmation then there are no hidden costs on top of the ones we give you.